Easiet Ever Fish and Grits (Instant Pot)

Fish and grits are such a great combination! I still don’t know why anyone could be afraid of grits. After all, pretty much everyone likes corn, right? I love making this recipe on a busy day because of how fast it is. There is also very little prep involved.

Start by preheating the oven to broil and setting a rack as high as it will go.


The Instant Pot is my favorite way to cook grits, not surprisingly. I always used the quick (not instant) kind because they take much less time than the stone-ground and taste exactly the same as far I can tell. (Some people sweat by the old-fashioned grits, but I really can’t tell the difference.)

Pour into the pot:

4 c. water

Sprinkle over the water and then use a whisk to stir in:

1 c. grits

Cook the grits at high pressure for 3 minutes, then natural release if possible. More than anything else I’ve cooked, grits tend to spray out starchy water if you do a quick release.

Once the pressure is down, open the pot and stir the liquid on the top into the grits. I use a potato masher for this since the bottom grits can get a little clumpy, but a sturdy whisk would work too. The grits will quickly thicken and get creamy.

Serve the grits with butter, salt, and pepper. We also love Kernel Season’s popcorn seasonings. There are lots of flavors available such as ranch and nacho cheddar (my favorites!)


Prepare the fish while the grits are cooking. Spray a cookie sheet and arrange on it:

1 lb. fish fillets (I start from frozen and use a mild, white fish.)

Sprinkle the fish with salt and any other seasonings you like. I like seasoned salt.

Since I start from frozen, the fish fillets take 16-20 minutes to broil, depending on how hot the oven is when I put them in. At the halfway point, I remove the pan to drain off excess juice so the fish can get crispy around the edges. The bag says not to flip the fillets, so I don’t. They are done when they are flaky.

Serve the fish and grits together with a squeeze of lemon if you’d like.

fish and grits

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