Deciding What to Store in a 3 Month Supply

There are many, many food storage products out there and more companies than I can count that’d like for you to buy their special kits. Those are great for people with money, but not so much for anyone else. A 3 month supply is not something that is supposed to break the bank.

With very few exceptions, our food storage is made up of all normal food. I don’t have any special cans of freeze-dried or powdered this or that (minus a little powdered milk.) Their prices are often high, even at Walmart (I’ve checked), and I think that their taste and nutrition would probably be questionable. However, I’m not against anyone storing things like powdered eggs as long as you USE them!

Things to Consider

When deciding to store something, I definitely consider these things:

1. How it compares to the “real” version of the food. (TVP is not nearly as tasty as real meat, so I’m not going to store it.)

2. If I’m going to use it. Really, if it’s not something you ever buy, then you shouldn’t stick it in food storage. If you want to eat powdered eggs, then make sure to rotate them.

3. Rotating. Is that big can of whatever going to go bad before you can use it up? If so, then buy a smaller one or don’t buy it at all.

4. How many uses does this item have? A brownie mix can only make brownies, but plain flour and sugar can make hundreds of baked goods. I’m not perfect, buy I try to buy only the most basic things at the store and (for the most part) make everything from scratch.

5. How much space will it take up? Again, buying basic ingredients will save space, which is extremely important in a tiny apartment. This is especially true for the freezer. You could fit a week’s worth of pizzas or 3 months of meats depending on how you use the space.

Our entire 3 month supply fits in the kitchen!

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