Storing Vegetables in a 3 Month Supply

Storing vegetables is a lot like storing fruits. There are several options available. It just depends on what will keep and what you like to eat.


Again, there won’t be enough room for 3 months of veggies in the freezer, but it’s good to have some anyway. We’ve stored broccoli, peas, and stir fry blend. Many fresh vegetables don’t freeze well. I buy these veggies already frozen in 1 lb. bags and use half a bag at a time.

Cans and Jars

I’d suggest having at least 2 favorites. We’ve chosen diced tomatoes and corn. In jars, we store green olives and jalapenos. Though no one sits down to a bowlful of either of these, they make great condiments and provide lots of flavor to an otherwise-bland dish. I use the pickled jalapenos as if they were fresh and add them to beans and salsa. Garlic in the jar lasts for a really long time in the fridge, so I keep it on hand and use it a lot when I run out of onions. It makes a pretty decent substitute for onions when you don’t have any.


Keep potatoes in the coolest, driest place you can find in your house. Mine are under the kitchen sink, and they tend to last about 6 weeks. That’s a lot longer than most fresh veggies. I keep carrots and celery for several weeks, though not always on purpose. (Sometimes I forget to eat them while they’re still fresh!) When they are no longer crisp, I make them into broth. Almost any scraps, especially greens and peels, can be used in broth. I store scraps in the freezer and pull them out when needed, no need to thaw. When the broth is done, I discard the scraps. (They’re pretty mushy by then and don’t look too appetizing.)


I don’t mean in a garden, but that is excellent too. For as many plants as I’ve killed, I have managed to regrow green onions. All you have to do is save the white parts, immerse them in water, and wait. Within a week or so, you have green onions again. I’ve repeated this at least 3 times with the same green onions. I’ve also made bean and sunflower sprouts, which qualify as fresh veggies. They are tasty, easy, and cheap to make. More on those later.


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