Storing Kitchen Essentials (Non Food)

Aside from food, there are a few other items that are vital to every kitchen. I don’t use lots of these kitchen essentials, as I’ve chosen to call them, but this is what I do have:

paper towels: I try to use rags most often, but sometimes a mess is just too gross.

plastic wrap

ziploc bags: I use the off brand, both the fold-top sandwich size and the gallon size with twist ties. I never store anything long enough to justify needing the sturdier bags.

aluminum foil: One of the few things I use it for is covering casseroles when they’re in the fridge since plastic wrap is a little flimsy and can’t go in the oven. I would not recommend using tons of foil for covering every pan of cookies that you bake. It’s pretty expensive to get the big box of foil, but it only takes 30 seconds to wash the pan. I occasionally use foil when something needs to cool on wax paper. I seldom need it for that purpose, which is why I don’t bother buying wax paper in the first place.

Cooking will be so much easier if you plan ahead to store these kitchen essentials!

kitchen essentials

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