Saving on Groceries Part 5: Splurge a Little

Allow treats and shortcuts when necessary, and don’t feel bad about them. Like I’ve said before, we don’t do everything from scratch 100% of the time. I know how to make tortillas, but I don’t like to very often. Still, it’s a great thing for me to know because it keeps me from going to the store when I run out.

1. Eat some junk food once in a while. I have a (bad) habit of buying myself a small bag of Cheetos when I go grocery shopping. We keep saltines and pretzels around for cheap (not as healthy) snacks sometimes. This is one time that I think it’s preferable to spend more per ounce. I will always finish a bag of chips, so it’s much better for my health if that bag is 1 oz. instead of 9!

2. Keep some “emergency” supplies. We still eat ramen and mac and cheese when we’re feeling lazy and there aren’t any leftovers. I like both quite a bit, actually. Maybe I didn’t eat them enough in college? 😉

3. Splurge a little on healthy food, too. I don’t often shell out the money for avocados or mushrooms, but once in a while I do. It makes me feel not so poor, and it makes healthy foods seem like the real treat!

Although most of these items are still cheap, they make me feel like a normal person when I go shopping. Treats and shortcuts make life so much easier.

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