A Comparison of Hot Wheat Cereals

It’s amazing how much difference texture can make when thinking about breakfast cereal. We plan on eating some form(s) of hot wheat cereals once a week in the event of a zombie apocalypse, so we tried all three versions to see what tastes best. It turns out that they’re all easy to make but pretty different in taste.

CerealHow to MakeHow to CookTexture
wheat berrieswhole berry1 c. berries and 3 c. water: slow cooker for 3
hours on high,
Instant Pot for
30 minutes,
stove for 1 hour
cracked wheatfood processor
or hand grinder
1 c. cracked
wheat and 4 c.
water: stove for
15 minutes
creamy and a
little chewy
cream of wheatgrinder on
coarse setting
3/4 c. cream of wheat and 1 c. water on stove
for 2-3 minutes, whisking to
avoid lumps


Serving suggestions for all three:




brown sugar

dried fruit

milk or cream

My personal favorite of the hot wheat cereals: cracked wheat!

hot wheat cereals

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