Hirst Zesty Salsa With Canning Directions

I’ve been waiting for several years to use this recipe after tasting James’s aunt’s salsa that she’d canned. She joked that they had a “salsa garden”. Sounds good to me! If you’re new to canning, don’t be intimidated. It’s really easy to do water bath stuff. I’d recommend reading up on it a little beforehand, but as long as you follow the instructions, everything will probably turn out great. Zesty salsa is a great place to start!

Put everything in a big pot and let it cook down for 15 minutes.

5 lb. roma tomatoes, skinned (Others work too, but it will take longer to cook down.)

2 ½ c. chopped onion

¾ c. chopped non-spicy peppers (I used Anaheim.)

7 jalapenos, diced and seeded

5 cloves garlic, minced

¾ c. vinegar

3 ½ t. salt

3 1 ½ T. cilantro (I used 1 T. of dried)

Use right away or process in pint jars with 1/2 inch headspace. (I got about 4.)

Water bath canning: Process for 15 minutes at sea level, adding more time if needed for high altitude.

Pressure canning: Process for 10 minutes at the appropriate pressure for your altitude.

Serve this delicious, zesty salsa with chips or on tacos.

Hirst zesty salsa

Serving size is about 1/4 cup.

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