How to Cook Dried Beans in the Instant Pot

I always used to cook dried beans in the slow cooker, but I never liked how it made my house smell all day. The Instant Pot is my new favorite way to cook this healthy staple.

As a rule of thumb, I cook 1 lb. beans with 8 c. water and get about 4 cans of beans (1 1/2 c. each.) I divide them into little bags and freeze them for later use. This chart represents the beans I use most often. I found that about 3/4 of the cooking times online are accurate, which means there are a few that aren’t! If you want to cook a bean I haven’t tried, compare the size to the ones I have in the chart and cook accordingly.

Cooking times are for unsoaked beans. I never remember to soak beforehand and really don’t plan to since the Instant Pot is so quick.

I almost always use quick release and have had no problems with foaming, spitting, etc. Supposedly a natural release with keep the bean skins together better, but I don’t care enough to wait that long.

Black beans20 – 25 minutes
Black-eyed peas15 – 20 minutes
Chickpeas35 – 40 minutes
Lentils10 – 15 minutes
Pinto beans25 – 30 minutes
Red beans15 – 20 minutes
Split peas10 – 15 minutes
White beans20 – 25 minutes
instant pot dried beans

Use the Instant Pot dried beans in any of your favorite recipes. Here are some of mine.

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