Essene Bread (Not Like Any Bread You’ve Eaten)

Essene bread is another recipe from an old food storage cookbook. It sounds weird but tastes really good. I think it’s important to learn every way possible to cook with wheat if you are storing it for 30+ years. Variety makes life so much better and tastier.

Sprout the wheat berries until the sprouts are as long as the kernels:

2 c. wheat berries

Grind the sprouts and mix in the salt:

1/2 t. salt

Form the mixture into a thin disk. Dehydrate the disk until it’s crisp around the edges and flexible. (You can use an oven, but it’s a little harder. Use a preheated baking stone and cook on the lowest temperature that your oven will go.)

This tastes NOTHING like the bread I’ve been eating my whole life. It’s crisp, almost like a cracker, and very flavorful considering that it’s only two ingredients.

Customize your Essene bread by adding any of these things: 1-2 c. finely chopped veggies; 1-2 T. poppy, dill, or sesame seed; 1/2 c. dried fruit

Essene bread

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