Honey Walnut Chicken – Not Fried

I love the restaurant version of honey walnut chicken, but I don’t like frying things at home due to the mess. I also wanted to make this dish a bit healthier without sacrificing too much flavor, so this is what I ended up with!

First, make the candied walnuts by bringing to a boil:

1/2 c. water

1/2 c. sugar

Add and boil for 2 minutes, drain, and set aside:

1/2 c. walnuts

Note: The walnuts need to be completely dry before serving them on the stir fry. Otherwise, the sugar will slide off into the rest of the sauce and it just won’t taste the same. Allowing them to dry will let the sugar crystallize into a deliciously crunchy coating.

Now would be the best time to cook the rice. I make mine in the Instant Pot: 3 c. rice, 4 1/2 c. water, high pressure for 5 minutes, and quick release. This amount allows for some leftovers.

Cut into bite-sized pieces:

1 lb. chicken breast

1 lb. broccoli (florets)

Set the broccoli and chicken aside for now and prepare the sauce by mixing all together in a bowl:

3 T. honey, heated slightly until liquid

1/2 c. mayo

1 T. sweetened condensed milk

1 T. cornstarch

Heat a wok to hot and stir fry the chicken until it’s cooked through, set aside, and do the same for the broccoli until it’s tender-crisp. You may need to cover the pan and add a few T. of water to get it to steam. Add the chicken back in with the sauce, heat through, and sprinkle the candied walnuts and sliced green onions on top as a garnish. Enjoy the honey walnut chicken with rice.

honey walnut chicken

A serving includes 1 c. of cooked rice.

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