Thai Panang Curry With Beef

I love that Thai curries all have their own flavor, even though some of the main ingredients might seem the same. Thai Panang (or Penang) curry has a sweeter, more peanutty taste than the other curries, and it is absolutely delicious.

You will need rice to serve with this recipe. I make mine in the Instant Pot: 3 c. rice, 4 1/2 c. water, high pressure for 5 minutes, and quick release.

Stir together in a hot pan:

2 T. (for very mild, more for spicy) Panang curry paste (I recommend the Maesri brand. I like the flavor for this curry better than the Mae Ploy brand, which is usually my go-to.)

a few T. of coconut milk

1 red bell pepper, sliced

Once the curry paste is well dissolved, add the following:

2 cans of coconut milk

3 T. fish sauce

4 T. brown sugar

1 T. ground lemongrass or 2 stalks fresh*

juice from 1 lime or about 1 T. lime juice

1 lb. beef steak or roast, cut into 1-inch strips

When the beef is almost cooked through, add and stir occasionally until heated through:

3/4 c. finely chopped peanuts

Serve Thai Panang curry over regular or jasmine rice.

*To prepare fresh lemongrass, pound it with the flat side of a knife until it smells fragrant. Cut the lemongrass into several pieces (2 inches long). Remove the lemongrass after cooking the curry.

Thai panang curry with beef

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