Baby-Led Weaning: No Jars or Blender Needed

Baby-led weaning is a simple way to introduce solid foods to your little one. Read on to find out how easy it can be: no jars or blender needed!

The “correct” way to introduce solid foods to babies has changed a lot since I was a kid. Currently, as long as a child doesn’t have any history of allergies, it is safe to introduce all foods (except honey) before a year old, as long as the baby only drinks breast milk or formula.

When we had our first two children, we had no money for baby food. I wasn’t interested in getting government aid if I could avoid it, so I looked into making my own baby food. It wasn’t hard to do, but my babies didn’t like it very much. I tried to get them to eat it, but I ended up using the leftovers in our own food so they wouldn’t go to waste. (It turns out that pureed fruits are pretty tasty in pancakes.)

By the time I had my third, I had found some information on baby-led weaning and decided to give it a try. It really works! Baby-led weaning has some pretty awesome advantages, and all you have to do is feed your baby what you are eating at your meals, assuming he/she won’t choke on it.

  1. You don’t have to buy baby food.
  2. You don’t have to make baby food either!
  3. It’s ridiculously easy.
  4. Your baby will get to experience a lot of different flavors at a young age.
  5. Your baby will get lots of practice learning to feed him/herself.

There are a few disadvantages too.

  1. You might get weird looks. Rice cereal has been so ingrained (see what I did there?) in everyone’s mind as a first food that doing something different seems really strange. My babies LOVE rice, but I could never get them to eat rice cereal, even with stuff mixed in! Have you ever tasted it? It’s pretty gross.
  2. Your baby might gag on stuff and freak you out a little. See this article for the difference between gagging and choking. I have never had a child choke on anything.
  3. It’s potentially messier. When I start giving my babies solids at 6 months, I expect them to feed themselves. The mess is nothing that a bath can’t solve, though, and some foods are just worse than others.

In conclusion, I absolutely loved using baby-led weaning. Though a bit messy, I found it to be very cheap and convenient for my family.

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