The Wonders of Modern Medicine

Isn’t modern medicine great? It’s something I think about quite a bit because my family wouldn’t be the same without it. In fact, they wouldn’t all be here without medical intervention.

It keeps My Husband Alive

My husband was born prematurely and with some serious medical problems. Had it not been for caring doctors and the diligence of his parents, he wouldn’t be alive today. He still needs more regular checkups and supplements that the average person, but he is mostly healthy. Considering what he went through as a baby, his life is a miracle.

It Helped Me Through Pregnancy and Childbirth

I’ve had 5 babies with 4 doctors and 3 hospitals. Though there is a prevailing opinion that “natural” is better, I completely disagree.

I’m grateful for doctors who cared about me. I switched because I had to when we moved. Every doctor had a different approach, but I feel that they always wanted to take care of my health and my baby’s. More than once, I was ready to give up, but my doctor was there to encourage me to keep going. My labors were stupidly long and never did improve with having more children. If I’d had to do it without pain relief, I would have been completely traumatized.

The nurses were angels. They looked after me and made sure my pain was manageable, made sure I had enough to eat, and answered my questions. They helped me take care of my babies when I felt absolutely awful, and they never once made me feel gross even though I certainly did.

modern medicine
my first baby

It Keeps My Family Healthy

What would we do without vaccines or antibiotics? Though my children’s infections have been few, I’ve been grateful every time for medicines that work. Thanks to vaccines, our illnesses are usually limited to colds and stomach bugs, nothing even remotely life-threatening. My 8 younger siblings and I never even had the chicken pox!

It Takes Care of Emergencies

Kidney stones? Deep cuts? There’s someone who can take care of that. Without surgery, my husband would be dead and I would not have 10 working fingers. (I know that’s really mild in comparison, but no one else has come close to needing the same level of care as James!) Thankfully, we don’t need medical care very often for these kinds of things, and I’d like to keep it that way. Still, it’s nice to know that something minor (or not so minor) can be fixed by professional who went to school for many years.

I know that nothing is perfect. Drugs, doctors, and hospitals all have their flaws. Still, I’m incredibly grateful for all that modern medicine has done for my family. We literally owe our lives to it!

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  1. If hypertension did not kill me five years ago, prostate cancer would have me in my last year of life at this point. Thanks to doctors and to medications I am still here.

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