Storing Your Family Videos on YouTube

In my last post, I talked about converting my family’s old 8 mm tapes to digital format. My next step was to use Movavi Video Editor to cut the hour-long files into individual videos. Once I’d finished that step, I decided to use YouTube as a permanent storage place for them.

From PC to Online

Just as I had hoped, the uploading process for YouTube was really simple. The uploader has changed a little bit since I first started using it, but not significantly enough to cause me any problems. It doesn’t take many steps to get a video on YouTube.

  1. Before uploading, make sure you’re done editing the video. YouTube does allow some basic edits, but it makes sense to upload a shorter, finished video. My upload speed can be painfully slow sometimes, so I don’t want to have to wait all day on a video where I plan on deleting half of it when it’s done.
  2. After choosing which videos to upload (which you can do in groups!), you’ll have several options to select. Start by giving your video a name that will easily set it apart from the rest.
  3. You can add a description or choose a custom thumbnail. I usually don’t. I like the thumbnail they choose for me.
  4. Add the video to a playlist. My playlists are named by year.
  5. Choose the visibility. I keep my videos unlisted, which means I can share them with anyone who has a link, but they can’t be found through a Google search. You can also choose to make your videos completely public or private.
  6. Publish your video(s)!
  7. One caveat: don’t upload any videos of kids in the bathtub, no matter how cute or blurred out they are. They will be removed, and you’ll get a warning on your account. I wouldn’t know this from experience. (Oops.) Of all the videos I uploaded (more than 300 now), I think I kept 3 or 4 on my PC due to “questionable” content.

Why YouTube?

Videos take up tons of space. Keeping that information in one place isn’t the best idea either, especially since technology changes so quickly and can fail without notice. (Just see my post about trying to convert 8 mm tapes to digital. It was a long and frustrating process!)

YouTube is available to anyone with internet, and it’s a very popular way to make and share videos. My experience with other Google products told me that it would probably be pretty user-friendly as well, and I was right.

I like that I can access my videos from any device with internet, no matter where I am. The kids love watching old videos from our TV. I’m pretty sure that YouTube will be around forever, too, even though it didn’t exist until I was in high school. (What?!)

Uploading videos to an accessible place like YouTube has blessed not just me, but many family members. I love being able to watch these videos with my kids and laugh at myself. Believe me; there’s lot of material.

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