Our Favorite Flavored Cream Cheese Recipes

A while ago, we tried a whole bunch of flavored cream cheese recipes. I think there were at least 12, but we didn’t like them equally. Here, I present our top 4 with recipe links and notes where needed. Flavored cream cheese is usually really quick to make and tastes delicious on a variety of things, like crackers, toast, or bagels.

Savory Recipes

First up, from The Pioneer Woman, we have a classic veggie cream cheese spread. Though this one takes the most work, it’s still pretty easy to make. I recommend making 1/3 of the recipe if you’re not having a party. Use the food processor to chop everything up fine and for the final mixing process.

Next up, we have a smoked salmon spread from AllRecipes. Cut this one in half to make a batch using 1 pack of cream cheese and 1 typical pack of smoked salmon. It’s not the cheapest dip to make, but it’s really delicious. A regular mixer will work just fine, as long as the cream cheese is softened beforehand.

Sweet Recipes

My husband’s favorite is this simple honey pecan cream cheese. I recommend chopping the pecans really fine beforehand. A mixer will also work fine for this one, as long as the cream cheese is somewhat softened. Or, you can chop the pecans in a food processor and mix the remaining ingredients after.

Despite what it says, don’t use fat-free cream cheese for this delicious pineapple cream cheese spread (unless you really want to). If you don’t have crushed pineapple, the food processor should be your tool of choice for chopping the pineapple and making the final mixture. (Why create more dishes if you don’t have to?)

Making your own flavored cream cheese spreads is an economical and delicious way to make your meals (or snacks) more interesting. Since many of these recipes are cheap and easy, you have nothing to lose by trying one today.

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