Enjoying Every Season, Always

This post was inspired by a wonderful article I read a few years back. If you missed it, read it here. Before 2018, I had never really thought about intentionally loving every season of the year. If you’d asked me, I would’ve told you that I love spring and summer but hate fall and winter. That’s slowly changing, though, and here’s why.

Holidays and More Holidays

There are many holidays already built into the calendar. My family added holidays beyond the traditional so we’d always have something to look forward to, and it really works. The beauty of holidays is that they give us opportunities to create traditions. My husband and I brought many from our own families, but we’ve also created new ones with our kids. Next week, we’re going to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Events Beyond Holidays

The more things I can look forward to in a season, the better. Last year, the first time I intentionally tried to enjoy fall, we decided to start rewatching the Harry Potter movies, ending around Halloween. We really enjoyed cuddling under blankets and spending time together as the weather started getting chillier.

In winter, my least favorite thing is snowfall (and driving in it). My husband started bringing me a cup of hot and sour soup every time it snowed. It was a small thing that helped me look forward to snow instead of just dreading it. I’m definitely going to do it this winter, too!

He already owes me! We had a really early snow this year. It’s still summer!

Seasonal Hobbies

My hobbies have seasons, too. In the warmer months, I do projects outside. Once it gets too cold, I spend time on inside hobbies, like sewing or family history. I like cooking any time of year, but I gravitate toward seasonal themes. It makes sense to learn new candies at Christmas and try grilling recipes during the summer.

Involving Other Families

We normally love to host dinner and game nights, but we haven’t been doing those like we used to. (Go away, coronavirus!) Instead, I’ve made goals that are more service-oriented with minimal contact. In other words, I make treats and deliver them to my neighbors. It’s fun and fulfilling, even though it’s not the same as inviting people over. Those days will come again soon, I hope.

Tastes and Smells for Every Season

I love food, which should be no surprise to anyone who reads this blog. (It’s mostly recipes.) I also love to try new things. I noticed that some foods are only available seasonally, which makes them more exciting. After all, it’s hard to miss something that never goes away. I’ve chosen a seasonal smell or taste for all of the following things, and I’m still adding new categories when I think of them. As a new season starts, I get excited about the fun, new things I get to buy.

  • candle
  • drink
  • essential oil
  • footwear
  • fruit
  • truffles
  • veggie
  • waffle spread

The Ups and Downs

I didn’t fall in love with fall and winter automatically. That relationship is still in progress, but I can now appreciate the wonderful things these seasons offer that I didn’t even notice before. Now, as each new season approaches, I take a look at what’s coming and anticipate all the good things, not the things that make me anxious. That’s been especially important this year. I can always count on change.

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