Christmas Cards for the Modern Day

Back in 2013, my husband set up the autotimer on our camera to take some silly pictures of our family. The comments on Facebook were overwhelmingly positive, so we decided to write Christmas cards to go along with it. Though many of our family members use Facebook and/or Instagram, we’d like to stay in touch with those who don’t. Christmas is the perfect time to reflect on the year and reach out to family we haven’t seen in a while.

Remembering the Year

It’s hard to write a Christmas card off the cuff when I have trouble remembering what I did last week. I use my personal history as inspiration and choose the most important events of the year. James and I often come up with funny, themed lists like clickbait or Star Wars. I don’t think anyone expects a Christmas card to be serious.

Including a Photo

We always take a family photo during the year, sometimes using the auto-timer if we forget to ask someone. It doesn’t have to be professional at all! I used to print the photos from Walmart, but I’ve started including the photo on the page with the letter. Our printer does a decently good job, and I don’t think anyone keeps printed photos around much anyway.

Christmas card
our first Christmas card from 2013

Paper vs. Email

As I mentioned before, most of our family members use social media. Those who aren’t are generally older, so we send paper cards to all of our grandparents, aunts, and uncles. I send an email to all our cousins who expressed interest. I created an email group called “Christmas Cards” to make it really easy. It takes one click to send it to everyone.

A Note on Punctuation

Please don’t put an apostrophe in your last name. When I sign my cards, I write


the Heads

If you aren’t sure how to pluralize your name, write

the _____ family

Please, please, please do this. Errant apostrophes are cringey.

Christmas cards don’t need to be a stressful part of the holiday season. Above all, don’t overthink them. Also, don’t forget the stamps!

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