From Shed to Cabin, Pt. 3 (Uses, Decorating)

We’ve had a lot of fun decorating and using our new space. It’s truly a cabin fit for a nerd. (Good thing, because we have lots of those in our household.) I’ve divided our numerous decorations into categories for easier viewing. If you missed parts 1 or 2, click here for more details on turning a shed into a cabin.

What We Use It For

Our cabin functions as a multipurpose room. We’ve used it for a lot of things so far:

  • pandemic date night dinners
  • movie night with a bigger (and closer) screen
  • board game room, where we can leave games set up without the little kids knocking all the pieces onto the floor
  • video gaming
  • office area for interruption-free Zoom meetings/lessons
  • guest bedroom

Board Games

I made these decorations from an old Settlers of Catan game that had too many missing pieces to be functional.

wall hanging from hex pieces
resource collage

Fantasy (General)

dragon toy
steampunk clock
fantasy version of our family, drawn by Uncle Joseph

Harry Potter

light switch stickers
Starry Night Hogwarts
House banner (Ravenclaw should be an eagle! LOL.)

Lord of the Rings

sign I made
LOTR version of Utah
cute stickers on our TV


Mjolnir, drawn by a former student
caricature of my hubby, also by a former student
the Avengers collection

Star Wars

SW characters
Boba Fett lamp
Vader, of course

I’m certain there will be more decorating in the future, even though our walls are starting to get a little crowded.


Turning a shed into a cabin was a great experience for us. At first, it seemed like the timing was bad (a week before school started), but everything worked out, despite dealing with a frustrating pandemic and our own inexperience. We had plenty of help along the way and learned valuable construction skills. The cabin has been a great blessing for getting through the pandemic. I might not leave the house much, but I still have a place to “get away” when I really need it.

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