100 Heavenly Dishes in the World

I received an amazing scratch-off poster for my birthday this year called “100 Heavenly Dishes in the World.” Since I’d eaten about half of them already, I figured it would be fun to try the rest. I made them all at home because of the lack of international restaurants in my town. I’ve provided ratings and links to the recipes. If the recipe doesn’t have a link, then I tried it in a restaurant. There are some things that I’ll only eat in restaurants (like sashimi).

the completed poster!

Ratings Key

1 star: Gross. I never want to eat this again.

2 stars: I’d eat it if served to me, but I don’t care for it.

3: It was pretty good, but it didn’t stand out.

4: Loved it! I’d definitely eat it again.

5: This is going in our regular rotation. I like it enough to pay for it at a restaurant.


Hummus with Pita Bread (Egypt) 5 stars

Peri Peri Chicken (Mozambique) 3 stars

Shakshouka (Tunisia) 2 stars

Tajine (Morocco) 4 stars


Aloo Paratha (India) 4 stars

Beef Stroganoff (Russia) 5 stars

Bibimbap (South Korea) 3 stars


Biryani (India) 5 stars

chicken biryani

Bulgogi (South Korea) 5 stars

beef bulgogi

Butter Chicken (India) 5 stars

Cha Gio (Vietnam) 5 stars

Char Kway Teow (Malaysia, Singapore) 4 stars

Chilli Crab (Singapore) I can’t get whole crabs where I live, so I’ve never tried this one.

Crispy Pata (Philippines) I can’t get whole pig leg where I live, so I’ve never tried this one.

Fish Head Curry (Singapore) 2 stars

Green Mango Salad (Thailand) 3 stars

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore) 4 stars

Hakata Ramen (Japan) 5 stars

Kare-Kare (Philippines) 1 star

Kare Raisu (Japan) 4 stars

Kobe Beef (Japan) 5 stars

Laksa (Singapore) 5 stars

Lechon (Philippines) 5 stars

Manakish (Lebanon) 4 stars

Mango Sticky Rice (Thailand) 5 stars

Martabak (Yemen) 3 stars

Masala Dosa (India) 3 stars

Nasi Lemak (Malaysia) 2 stars

nasi lemak

Palak Paneer (India) 3 stars

Pani Puri (India) 4 stars

Pad Thai (Thailand) 5 stars

Peking Duck (China) 5 stars

Pho (Vietnam) 5 stars

Rendang (Indonesia) 4.5 stars

Roti Prata (Singapore) 2 stars

Sashimi (Japan) 5 stars

Satay (Indonesia) 5 stars

Sushi (Japan) 5 stars

Tandoori Chicken (India) 5 stars

Tempura (Japan) 5 stars

Thai Curry (Thailand) 5 stars

Tom Yum (Thailand) 3 stars

Tonkatsu (Japan) 4 stars

Wonton Noodles (China) 5 stars

Xiaolongbao (China) 5 stars


Aussie Barbie (Australia) 4 stars

Avo Smash (Australia) 4 stars

avo smash

Chicken Parmigiana (Australia) 4 stars

Steamed Barramundi (Australia) 3 stars


Bangers and Mash (UK) 4 stars

Boeuf (Beef) Bourguignon (France) 5 stars

boeuf (beef) bourguignon

Beef Wellington (UK) 3 stars

Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Italy) 4 stars

Borscht (Ukraine) 4 stars

Bouillabaisse (France) 4 stars

Cassoulet (France) 2 stars

Cevapi (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 3 stars

Coq au Vin (France) 4 stars

Brudet (Croatia) 3 stars

Fish and Chips (UK) 5 stars

The Full English Breakfast (UK) 4 stars

Greek Salad (Greece) 4 stars

Gulyas (Hungary) 4 stars

Hot Dog (Germany) 5 stars

Khachapuri (Georgia) 4 stars


Lasagna alla Bolognese (Italy) 5 stars

Moussaka (Greece) 4 stars

Paella (Spain) 4 stars

Pancakes (Greece, Italy) 2 stars

Paprikas Csirke (Hungary) 3 stars

Pierogi (Poland) 3 stars


Pizza Napoletana (Italy) 5 stars

Risotto (Italy) 5 stars

Salmorejo (Spain) 1 star

Sauerbraten (Germany) 2 stars

Soupe a L’oignon (France) 2 stars

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (Italy) 2 stars

Spaghetti alla Carbonara (Italy) 3 stars

Steak Tartare (France) 5 stars

Sunday Roast (UK) 4 stars

Tagliatelle al Ragu alla Bolognese (Italy) 2 stars

Tortellini en Brodo (Italy) 4 stars

Wiener Schnitzel (Austria) 4.5 stars

North America

Burrito (Mexico) 5 stars

Cheeseburger (USA) 5 stars

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza (USA) 2 stars

Chile Relleno (Mexico) 5 stars

Chili con Carne (USA) 3 stars

Eggs Benedict (USA) 3 stars

Enchiladas (Mexico) 5 stars

Fajitas (Mexico) 5 stars

Gumbo (USA) 5 stars

Mac and Cheese (USA) 5 stars

Meat Pie (Canada) 3 stars

New England Clam Chowder (USA) 5 stars

Tacos al Pastor (Mexico) 5 stars

Thanksgiving Turkey (USA) 5 stars

South America

Ceviche (Peru) 5 stars

Churrasco (Brazil) 5 stars

Feijoada (Brazil) 4 stars


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