Coconut Poke Cake

If you’re a fan of coconut and tres leches, you’ll probably love coconut poke cake. (Thank you to my mother-in-law for the recipe!) I recently made it for my youngest son’s birthday, and it was a hit with 4 of my 5 kids. One doesn’t like coconut, mint, or most frostings, so he doesn’t like most cakes.

The Cake

The recipe can be extremely simple, or you can make more of its components from scratch. Though I can usually tell the difference between a cake mix and a homemade cake, this cake isn’t one of those because of all the delicious sauce.

Bake in a 9×13 pan and let cool slightly:

1 white cake

For a homemade cake, I use this recipe.

The Toasted Coconut

While the cake is baking, get the toasted coconut ready. Over medium heat, gently stir until somewhat browned:

3/4 c. coconut flakes

Not all of the flakes will be brown, but that’s okay! Take them off the heat when they smell good. If you try to get them all brown, they will burn.

The Sauce

Poke holes in the cake using a straw or wooden spoon handle. Pour over the cake:

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

14 oz. cream of coconut (not coconut milk. You can find it in 14 oz. cans sometimes, but the best price is the squeeze bottle found near the drink mixers, and you won’t even need the whole thing.)

Let the cake chill in in the fridge.

The Topping

Top the cooled cake with 8 oz. Cool Whip or whipped cream. If you won’t be eating it all within 24 hours, make stabilized whipped cream (1.5x this recipe, 3 c. total).

Lastly, sprinkle the toasted coconut over the top. Enjoy coconut poke cake on its own or with ice cream. (I don’t think this cake really needs it.)

coconut poke cake

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